AAU/YBOA Basketball

AAU/YBOA basketball is extremely competitive. Players must tryout and then be selected for the appropriate level of play (Division 1 or 2).

The AAU/YBOA are national programs. Teams will represent the Annandale Boys & Girls Club at various qualifying tournaments at the State and Regional levels. Teams are competing to represent their clubs at the AAU Nationals and/or the YBOA Nationals. Nationals for AAU include various locations, including the home of the YBOA National Tournament, Orlando Florida’s Disney World.

The season begins at the end of March and continues until mid August. For full information about the program, please contact Lezone Kenney: 703-750-1819 or 703-843-8428 or lezone74@yahoo.com.

Here’s how the age groups are determined.

BOYS Age Group
4th grade or born on or after 9/1/99 10U
5th grade or born on or after 9/1/98 11U
6th grade or born on or after 9/1/97 12U
7th grade or born on or after 9/1/96 13U
8th grade or born on or after 9/1/95 14U
9th grade or born on or after 9/1/94 15U
10th grade or born on or after 9/1/93 16U
11th grade or born on or after 9/1/92 17U

GIRLS Age Group
Born on or after 1/1/99 or 5th grade born 1/1/98 or after 10U/5th grade
Born on or after 1/1/98 or 6th grade born 1/1/97 or after 11U/6th grade
Born on or after 1/1/97 or 7th grade born 1/1/96 or after 12U/7th grade
Born on or after 1/1/96 or 8th grade born 1/1/95 or after 13U/8th grade


Season Runs from March through August.

  • Each team will participate in a sequence of tournaments.
  • Teams will play AAU / YBOA Qualifier tournaments . This will involve some traveling & some over night trips.
  • How many tournaments played will vary from team to team based on the goals set by each team.
  • The ABGC ‘s “ultimate goal” is to get as many teams into the National Championship Tournament as possible.
  • There will be some local AAU leagues that teams will also participate in, this will involve weekday games located in Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC
  • Weekends will be left open for tournament play. Teams will be practicing 2 to 3 times per week “schedule dictated”.


  • Locations of Tournaments will vary.
  • Potomac Valley AAU Association (ABGC Will be one of hundreds of clubs within this association) will be organizing the qualifying tournaments and League play will be determined by ABGC organization/teams (locations TBD / Virginia/Maryland/Washington DC).


  • $400 per player (All registration fees go back into the program) the fees are used for player registration, player insurance, tournaments and league fees, gym fees)
  • All teams will be required to do fundraising.